About Us


Jim Mieure, Gramercy Elementary principal

Gramercy Elementary is a neighborhood school focused on providing a safe and welcoming environment for student success.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality instruction and support for students to excel in learning. We believe we have the best teachers around and care deeply for students.

We know with the proper educational foundations our students can go anywhere and do anything they set their mind to.

We are excited to offer after school programs such as the YMCA and school clubs and activities to excite students about learning.


Gramercy Elementary

Gramercy Mission

To produce highly diverse, adaptive and creative student thinkers who are post-secondary school bound through highly rigorous, focused and engaged instruction promoted in Gramercy professional learning communities.

Gramercy Rules

Gramercy 3 W’s

We will follow directions

We will be here and ready

We will be kind to our self and others

Gramercy Pledge

I will follow directions right away.

I will be here and ready throughout the day.

To myself and others I will be kind.

So everyday I can improve my mind.