Hi, my name is Amie Smith and I love working with the students at Gramercy! I go into their class weekly and teach social skills like being a good friend, managing emotions, resolving conflict, and improving self-esteem.

As part of my counseling lessons I cover Stop/Walk/Talk bully prevention curriculum. Students learn that they first ask the person to stop being mean, walk away if they don’t stop, then tell the teacher if the problem continues.

Another part of my job is rewarding students for positive behavior. Our school rules are: We follow directions, We are here and ready, and We are kind to ourselves and others. When students follow the school rules they are rewarded with a 3W ticket. Daily their teacher draws a 3W ticket from a pile and that student comes to my office to pick from a menu of rewards. Students are also rewarded individually for perfect attendance. Ask your student about class rewards like compliment cards, no tardy parties, and the term attendance graph.

As part of a Comprehensive Guidance Program, I do social skills groups and meet with individual students with parent permission. I also work closely with the therapist from Weber Human Services to make sure students’ mental health needs are addressed.

If you have any concerns regarding your student please feel free to contact me at 801-737-7523. Updates about the counseling activities will be posted to the Gramercy Facebook page (link above). Please reference the Quick Links for helpful tips for parents and community resources in our area.

Amie Smith
School Counselor
Gramercy Elementary

School Counselor

Amie Smith



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